Hot Box Services

We now offer hot boxing for skis. The Hot Box operates essentially like a convection oven, allowing for even heating, from tip to tail, over a specified duration of time. The slow heated wax is able to penetrate into the sintered structure of the polyethylene base material at safer temperatures (lower than a waxing iron).

Basic Treatment (Storage/Travel): $15

Recommended for all skis during summer storage or during travel to protect bases from physical damage and oxidation.

Includes iron application of low-melting temperature "warm" paraffin wax, followed by 2 hours at 55oC in the Hot Box. No scraping.

Full Treatment (2-step): $35

Recommended for all new skis and for the re-conditioning of used skis.

Includes application of low-melting temperature "warm" paraffin wax, followed by 6 hours at 50oC in the Hot Box. Cooled and scraped followed by an iron application of high-melting temperature "cold" paraffin wax. This application is cooled, scraped, and brushed.

Race Ready Treatment (3-step): $55

Recommended to get skis ready for race day glide wax application.

Includes the Full Treatment, with a final iron application of LF glide wax to closely match the wax temperature of race day. Scraped and brushed and ready for skier's application of HF wax.