Bike Fitting

It's all about finding the sweet spot on your bike!

Every bike rider deserves a professional bike fit. How you sit and how you fit on your bike determines how comfortable and how efficient you are. Muscles work best in an optimum range of motion. Outside that range, body tissues are strained, power decreased, and discomfort or injury more likely.

We can adjust your existing bike, size you for a new bike, or design a custom bike so that you're within the ideal range of motion for your muscles and within the limits of your flexibility. The result will be optimum comfort, efficiency and safety. A bike that fits well is just easier to ride.

Our Comprehensive Bike Fits are done by Todd Miller, PT,. Todd is a physical therapist and athletic trainer with a Master of Science in human performance, he is certified in McKenzie / MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) of the spine. Todd has worked with bikers and in bike shops since the late 1980s. He has worked with cyclists of all abilities including National Champions, Olympians and a World Champion. His greatest interest is solving problems to help people to ride comfortably without sacrificing performance.

Diny Sweitzer is our Standard Bike Fit professional. Diny was certified in 2008 by the Serotta International Cycling Institute. She specializes in bike fitting for women and focuses on saddle fitting as well.

Standard Fit: $95
  • Evaluate current position
  • Evaluate saddle fit
  • Evaluate flexibility
  • Measure inseam
  • Position saddle correctly (height and set back)
  • Adjust stem (rise and reach)
  • Simple cleat evaluation and alignment
  • Comprehensive Fit: $175
  • Review of history, riding style, performance and comfort goals
  • Evaluation of your spine and extremity strength, motion and flexibility
  • Evaluation of posture and movement patterns
  • Positioning of saddle (height and set back)
  • Positioning of stem (rise and reach)
  • Cleat evaluation and alignment
  • Ergonomic corrections (grips, handlebars, orthotic wedges, etc.)
  • Detailed training modifications, posture correction and corrective exercises