About West Hill Shop


Interior of West Hill ShopWest Hill Shop has sold bicycles, nordic skis, and everything related in Putney, Vermont, since 1971, when Neil Quinn founded the shop (along with three guys named Bob and their spouses). When Neil decided to retire in 2004, Diny and Jim Sweitzer of Putney bought the shop.


Today the West Hill Shop continues as a low-key, friendly source for bikes, cross-country skis, equipment, service, rentals, advice, good places to ride and cross-country ski, racing results, touring information, snow conditions, and much more, with superb mechanics, professional bike fitters and ski-tuners. Our staff has years of experience at wrenching, tuning XC skis, matching cyclists with the right bike, finding the right brake pads or picking the perfect wax. Our crew includes Pip Bannister, David Robb and Andrew Morrison.


We sponsor a local bicycle club, Putney Bicycle Club, which has a wide variety of road and mountain bike rides from spring to late summer. We are home to several cyclocross fanatics, including a national cyclocross champion, so we host cyclocross training rides in the fall, as well as the Annual West Hill Shop Cyclocross Race. For those preferring fat tires, try our Annual West Hill Shop Mountain Bike Race in June. Over the winter of 2005/2006, we added more retail and shop space. Check out some of the construction process! And check out the great old photos by Bob George, then photographer for Velo News.