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WTB Test Saddles
Take the guessing out of picking the perfect saddle for you. With our test saddle program you can try one out before you buy, with a refundable deposit. We stock a variety of saddles to test ride. WTB saddles place more support on your ischial bones (sit bones) and less weight on sensitive soft tissue with a flatter profile, whereas rounder saddles pull the pelvic girdle apart, placing pressure where you do not want it.
$40.00 Refundable Deposit

  • The Love Channel has one very important task: protecting your body from unwanted pressure. The central depression provides soft-tissue relief without sacrificing the structural integrity of the saddle.
  • Comfort Zone is a subtle difference that provides impressive long-term comfort by cutting away small windows from the base of WTB high-end saddles..
  • This comfort-enhancing window is featured exclusively on the Valcon saddle. Similar to our proprietary Comfort Zone soft tissue relief area, Lux Zone reduces pressure on sensitive soft tissue.
  • DNA is a dense padding found on all high-end saddles. It has superior memory properties, which conforms to your anatomy.
  • Soft-Shell saddles minimize trail vibration while providing a rigid platform for efficient pedaling with a dual compound shock absorbing saddle base.
  • The Flex-Tuned shell boasts an exceptional mix of comfortable flex and firm efficiency. Not as supple as the Soft-Shell and not as stiff as the Carbon Composite, Flex-Tuned saddles provide the happy medium that is ideal for most enthusiasts.
  • The WTB Composite shell consists of nylon or carbon fiber composite. It provides a firm and supportive feel for unparalleled performance and efficiency. This base is found on our top-level Silverado, Valcon, Devo, and Deva.
  • These durable patches of material protect the corners and sides of the saddle from rips and tears.

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