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Terry Test Saddles
Take the guessing out of picking the perfect saddle for you. With our test saddle program you can try one out before you buy, with a refundable deposit. We stock a variety of saddles to test ride. WTB saddles place more support on your ischial bones (sit bones) and less weight on sensitive soft tissue with a flatter profile, whereas rounder saddles pull the pelvic girdle apart, placing pressure where you do not want it.
$40.00 Refundable Deposit

  • Foam density is varied - firmer in the rear to support sit bones - softer in the front to provide relief.
  • Saddle width, length and hole placement are optimized for the differences in male and female anatomy.
  • Seamless cutaway in the center and a contoured rear for pressure reduction against soft tissue.
  • Narrow base area through the nose reduces potential for chaffing.
  • Guarantee - ride it love it, or return it with in 30 days.

To check availability of sizes, models and colors in stock or to purchase call 802-387-5718 or email us: