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Selle Anatomica X Series
These saddles have solved some of our toughest saddle fitting "cases." It has become the problem solving saddle for customers who have tried everything, without success. The X Series is the saddle for normal to high mileage riders (more than 50 miles per week) or those between 150 and 250 pounds.

Here is a testimonial from a now happy customer:

"Hi Diny... I am writing to thank you for introducing me to the saddle Selle An-Atomica. As you know I ride 2 to 3 hours per day as a way of dealing with Parkinsons Disease. In the past year I began to develop an enlarged prostate and it was suggested that I cut back my riding which I was loathe to do because of the tremendous health benefit I feel from riding. I tried nose-less designs non of which worked for me. The adjustable leather design of the Selle has made me able to stay on my bike. I recommend the saddle to anyone who has issues with conventional designs. Thank you for giving me my riding life back.

Best wishes,
West Hill Price: $159.00

  • Patented Flex-Fly Slot
  • New Hex Key Tension System
  • 16 grams lighter than previous model
  • WaterShed premium leather top
  • Functional slot with patented comfort that relieves perineal discomfort and sit bone pain
  • Dual reinforcing laminate layers

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